Introduction to the natural heritage of
Yancheng Yellow Sea wetland

China's yellow (Bohai) sea migratory bird habitat is located in the Yellow Sea ecological area, one of the top 200 ecological areas in the world. It has the largest intertidal beach in the world. It is the central node of the East Asian Australasian flyway (eaaf), which has the most endangered species and the highest degree of threat. The migration route is an irreplaceable resting place and "gas station" for shorebirds. This key habitat consists of fertile beach, silty coast, sandy coast, estuarine muddy coast, island or rock coast and reed swamp wetland. The "China Yellow (Bohai) sea migratory bird habitat" series is composed of 16 migratory bird...

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Sustainable Ecological Tourism

There are more than 680 kinds of vertebrates. The habitat is provided to 23 kinds of birds of international significance.
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