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Governance of Introduced Species

Ecosystems evolve over extended periods, and species within these systems have, through hundreds or thousands of years of competition, exclusion, adaptation, and reciprocity, established intricate relationships characterized by interdependence and checks and balances.

        When an alien species is introduced, it can be excluded due to its inability to adapt to the new environment. Conversely, in the absence of organisms in the new environment to counter or constrain it, this introduced species could become a genuine invader, disrupting the balance, altering or even destroying the local ecosystem, and severely jeopardizing biodiversity.

Yancheng, through the formulation and implementation of policies such as the Special Action Plan for Spartina Alterniflora Management in Yancheng (2023-2025), has undertaken comprehensive measures to manage invasive species like Spartina Alterniflora and Canadian goldenrod.