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Wetland Protection

 We have issued the Yancheng Yellow Sea Wetlands Preservation Regulations, formulated the Three-Year Action Plan for the Preservation, Management, and Sustainable Development of the World Natural Heritage Site, and implemented a wetland restoration project with a 490 million yuan loan from the Asian Development Bank.


《疑是珊瑚落宝地》朱秀红 摄于江苏盐城东台世界遗产地.jpg

Four wetland conservation communities have been formed, with the natural wetland conservation rate exceeding 69%. While improving the preparation of wetland restoration planning, the restoration and protection of coastal wetlands has been promoted in an all-round way. 17,000 acres of returning fishing (farming) to wetness completely in aquaculture areas have been completed, and 12,000 acres of Spartina Alterniflora have been remediated cumulatively. The restoration area on the north side of Tiaozini wetlands is delineated as 2800 acres of black-billed gulls' breeding grounds, where the specialized staff patrols 24 hours a day to ensure that the birds in this area are free from man-made interference in their reproduction.