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The declaration of the World Heritage site is also a kind of protection, which allows the protection of world heritage to be backed up by legal guarantees, precisely in order to make the protection more standardized, effective and lasting.

The Yancheng Yellow Sea Wetlands Preservation Regulations was introduced and has been in effect since September 1, 2019, ensuring legal safeguards for the conservation, management, and sustainable development of the Yellow Sea Wetlands. An integrated law enforcement mechanism has been established, which involves collaboration among departments of public security, procuratorate, natural resources, ecological environment, and nature reserves. This robust framework is dedicated to investigating and penalizing any infringements upon the ecological environment, forming a comprehensive "land-sea-air, 24/7" ecological security barrier. In January 2019, the Yellow Sea Wetlands Environmental Resources Court was inaugurated. Since its establishment, the court has conducted dozens of circuit trials and has actively pursued charges.