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Yancheng won the title of “International Wetland City”

Recently, the official website of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance released the list of the second international wetland cities. 25 cities around the world have won this honor, and 7 cities in China are on the list, and Yancheng is among them. After the Yellow Sea wetlands in Yancheng were successfully listed as a natural World Heritage site, Yancheng has added another site of splendor to its name card.

At the end of 2018, Yancheng City fully launched its efforts to create an international wetland city. With the nomination requirements for international wetland city accreditation (15 items in five categories) as the standard, and the Yancheng City Wetland Protection and Restoration Two-Year Action Plan (2019-2020) as the starting point, Yancheng carried out in-depth overall protection, systematic restoration and comprehensive management, continuously improved the ecological function of wetlands, systematically improved the quality of urban wetlands, and effectively promoted the harmonious coexistence of human and nature.

With its superior resource endowment and unremitting protection efforts of wetland resources, Yancheng stood out in the selection and successfully won the important title of International Wetland City. Yancheng houses 770,000 hectares of coastal wetlands with the largest area and the best ecological protection on the west coast of the Pacific and the Asian continental margin, and its wetlands account for 45.2% of the city’s land area. In 2019, the Chinese Yellow Sea (Bohai Sea) Migratory Bird Habitat (Phase 1) in Yancheng was included in the World Heritage List as the first coastal wetland natural World Heritage site in China. As China’s only prefecture-level city with 2 wetlands of international importance and 1 natural World Heritage site, the number and level of protected wetlands in Yancheng top the country and even the world.