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We have accurately, promptly, and comprehensively gathered data on the species, quantities, distributions, and other aspects of bird species and other biological populations within the heritage site. By collecting background data and accumulating long-term monitoring information, we have established a scientific foundation for the protection of birds and other organisms in the heritage site and beyond.


 Research Focus:

We routinely conduct surveys and observations of bird species and other organisms within protected zones.

1   Biodiversity Assessment: This encompasses the identification of species and their distributions, with a special emphasis on nationally protected species, their quantities, and habitats.

2   Characteristics of Specific Species: This involves tracking the migratory patterns, activity rhythms, phenology, and reproductive rates of important species.

3   Population Traits: We monitor crucial habitats, the dynamics of population distribution, the total population, and the age structure of these populations.

4   Species Interactions: We undertake specialized studies on interactions between species, diving deep into food chains and inter-species relationships.

5   Habitat Observations: This focuses on habitat distribution and size, the structure and types of habitats, and the quality monitoring of these habitats.

6   Annual Reports: We consolidate our findings and observations into annual monitoring and evaluation reports.