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Fostering Unique Community Development:

By harnessing the prestige of the World Heritage site, we have advanced the development of specialized industries, residential environments, and social governance in both the heritage site buffer zones and adjacent communities in a coordinated manner. By focusing on sustainable agriculture, niche tourism, and the cultural creative sector, we have prioritized the development of communities such as Badou Village and Dunmen Village, each imbued with rich fishery culture and revolutionary sites, thereby amplifying their reputation and influence.

Establishing Collaborative Community Mechanisms:

Utilizing the ecological assets and the distinguished status of the heritage site, we have emphasized cultural immersion, industry infusion, and social engagement. The agenda prioritizes the cultivation of niche tourism, organic farming, bird-watching, and wetland wellness ventures. This triad approach of intertwining industries, shared benefits, and cooperative endeavors ensures employment opportunities and increased incomes for neighboring community residents.