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Following the declaration of the World Heritage site, the Yancheng Municipal Government has proactively advanced the construction of 'government-industry-academia-research'  platforms,  dedicated  to  heritage  protection  and    wetland  development.  Yancheng  World  Heritage Application Office was upgraded to the Yancheng Wetland and World Natural Heritage  Site Conservation and Management Center, a public institution directly overseen by the municipal government, and authorized to exercise government functions.

To further this initiative, the Yancheng Municipal Government founded Jiangsu Yellow Sea Wetland Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yellow Sea Wetland Culture Development Co., Ltd. These entities serve as principal drivers for the 'government-industry-academia-research' integration related to the World Heritage site of the Yellow Sea Wetlands. Their responsibilities include leveraging the distinguished status of the World Heritage site, safeguarding coastal wetlands, and preserving ecosystems and biodiversity.

With the backing of the CPC Yancheng Municipal Committee and the Yancheng Municipal Government, Yancheng Institute of Technology has founded the School of New Energy and Yancheng Teachers University has set up the School of Wetland. These institutions aim to nurture specialized talent and offer technical and intellectual support for the ecological preservation and development of the wetlands.

The  Yellow  Sea  Wetland  Research  Institute  has  fostered  robust  collaborations  with  globally  renowned  universities  and  international organizations. They have jointly initiated fundamental research on the role of global coastal wetlands in coping with climate change, fostered exchanges and  partnerships concerning global migratory birds protection, and more. The institute has also embarked on practical applications, tackling ecological restoration, managing invasive species, and promoting preservation and sustainable development of the heritage site. This positions Yancheng as a solution provider for conserving global coastal wetland resources. The institute is dedicated to establishing a multifaceted think tank platform, merging applied research, tech innovation, international collaboration, and extensive exchanges. The vision is to progressively establish dedicated bases for talent development, hold specialized technical seminars, conduct structured field studies, regular assessment and evaluation, and make academic discussions easily accessible to the public.