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We're  committed to  advancing  green manufacturing  initiatives. By  accelerating the  development  of a green manufacturing  system  and optimizing resource  and  energy utilization, we're  fostering  a  circular  and  low-carbon  economy. This  shift towards resource-conserving  and environmentally-friendly industrial models propels the industrial sector towards its carbon peaking and neutrality targets.


Drawing on the experience of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, the project employed domestic and foreign eco-tourism experts to carry out the planning of important nodes of ecotourism in the heritage site, so as to build a world-class ecotourism destination integrating the experience of the World Heritage Site, scientific research and popularization, and culture and leisure.

Green agriculture has been developed. Yancheng has established a coastal wetland research base to conduct scientific experiments and promote ecological restoration. Yancheng also created global solutions for rice cultivation, shellfish and fish farming, migratory bird protection and sustainable development.

The establishment of friendly agriculture in and around heritage sites has been promoted. Yancheng has vigorously developed eco-organic agriculture consistent with conservation, and has utilized organic agricultural product brands and heritage geographical indications, thus enhancing the added value of agricultural products.